My photo road-trips from 2021 to 2024

De Å à Y (Théorie)
De Å à Y (Réalité)
Carte Europe
6ème road-trip -V1

After a first trip in 2021 that took me to France, Portugal, Spain and back to France (3 months, 10,000 km), I left in 2022 for a longer trip. Indeed, this time I crossed Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Denmark again, the Netherlands and finally Belgium.

This lasted 5 months and I covered 16'000 km, but it did not satisfy my appetite for long journeys, and I have now become a real homeless person (I live in my caravan the whole year) !

At the end of 2022 it was a transhumance to the south of Spain to spend the winter, then in spring 2023 it was the departure for the north of Norway, towards Å, this famous village to realize my dream to go from Å to Y (which is in France and where I already went).

On the menu: 6 months of travel and 35'000 km with my caravan with still hundreds of photos and videos to share with you...

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